One-Week Vet Voyage
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7 Day 6 Night

Explore the Beauty of Costa Rica and enjoy making a difference


This journey is thoughtfully tailored to blend hands-on veterinary experience with a firsthand exploration of Costa Rica's captivating natural beauty. In the span of one week, you'll dive into the vibrant rhythms of this tropical paradise, traversing its lush landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Beyond ordinary tourism, your proactive involvement at the Rescue Center directly contributes to the preservation of local wildlife. As you uncover Costa Rica's ecological wonders, you'll enjoy a distinct level of immersion in its diverse habitats. This enriching journey goes beyond mere exploration – it fosters personal growth, creates lasting memories, and imparts invaluable knowledge from the heart of nature itself. Embark on this adventure for $1050, which includes shared accommodations, hands-on veterinary practice, participation in educational classes, and an expedition to a notable location.

Package Details

Your adventure begins in San José, Costa Rica, swiftly transitioning to quaint local-style lodgings. Over 7 days, you'll explore striking landscapes, enhance your veterinary expertise at the Rescue Center, and savor authentic local meals. Our devoted team ensures a smooth, hassle-free journey, capped off with a special farewell dinner that truly encapsulates the spirit of the 'Pura Vida' lifestyle. This enriching journey doesn't merely etch unforgettable memories, but also fosters a profound connection with nature, its creatures, and the local community.


This package focuses on the health and wellbeing of Costa Rica's unique wildlife. It provides an intensive, one-week experience for veterinary volunteering at the Rescue Center, empowering you to refine your animal care skills and immerse yourself in local culture. With all logistics handled, you can concentrate solely on impacting the lives of animals positively while also enriching your own life experiences.

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    Exploration of Costa Rica's breathtaking natural landscapes.
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    Hands-on wildlife veterinary experience at the Rescue Center.
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    Immersion in local culture and cuisine through locally-sourced meals.
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    Seamless travel experience with all logistics handled by our professional team.
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    Everyday guidance to ensure a smooth and enriching experience.
One-Week Vet Voyage

Basic Information

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  • Destination
    Costa Rica
  • Departure
    Where you want
  • Language
    Spanish & English
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • No. of Guide
    1-5 People

Our packages offer comfortable accommodations, fascinating tours, volunteering opportunities, authentic local cuisine, and comprehensive guidance throughout your journey.

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    Local-style accommodation
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    Guided Costa Rica tours
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    Veterinary Procedures
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    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
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    Daily guidance/support

Keep in mind, the packages do not cover international travel, insurance, and personal expenditures.

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    Flight Expenses
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    Travel Insurance
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    Personal Expenses
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Tour Plan

Arrival & Orientation
  • Welcome to Costa Rica: Land at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO), where you will be greeted by our team.
  • Transfer to Accommodation: We'll transport you to your local-style accommodation, where you can unwind and settle in.
  • Orientation: Attend an orientation session about the week's itinerary, safety guidelines, and what to expect during your stay.
  • Welcome Dinner: Enjoy your first taste of Costa Rican cuisine at a welcome dinner, getting to know your fellow travelers.
Volunteer Experience Begins
  • Breakfast: Start your day with a hearty Costa Rican breakfast.
  • Volunteer Orientation: Understand the Rescue Center's mission and your role.
  • First Volunteering Session: Get hands-on with wildlife conservation.
  • Reflection and Dinner: Share experiences over dinner.
Exploring Local Surroundings
  • Breakfast: Refuel with a local breakfast.
  • Morning Volunteering: Continue making a difference at the Rescue Center.
  • Local Exploration: Spend the afternoon exploring nearby attractions.
  • Dinner: Share stories over a delightful dinner.
    Adventure Awaits
    • Breakfast: Energize with a hearty breakfast.
    • Day Tour: Embark on a guided day tour to a stunning Costa Rican location.
    • Free Time: Reflect on your experiences or explore the local area.
    • Dinner: Discuss the day's adventures over a delicious meal.
    • Breakfast: Enjoy your final breakfast in Costa Rica.
    • Goodbyes: Say your goodbyes to the Rescue Center and new friends.
    • Departure: Our team will transport you back to the Juan Santamaría International Airport for your flight home.


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