Costa Rica Volunteer Adventure Tours

Any resort tourist can visit Costa Rica and get a brief taste of the country’s majestic rain forests and remarkable wildlife but offers an unparalleled way to experience our beautiful country.

Customize and build your own tour of Costa Rica with our staff of experienced experts to ensure that your next vacation is both rewarding and fun. Volunteer at animal rescue centers, relax on one of our beautiful beaches or experience the adventure of a lifetime when you sail across the sky on a canopy tour through our dense jungles.

Whether you are a single traveler, a family or a large group we will work with you direct to ensure your trip to Costa Rica is organized, well-planned, and enjoyable. Our staff of knowledgeable experts will custom tailor your trip to ensure everything you wish to see and experience is accomplished. We maintain strong relationships with hotels, volunteer centers, tour guides and transportation companies in order to pass onto you the very best prices and savings.

Start by visiting our ‘Build a Tour’ page to choose the volunteer, adventure and relaxation options you wish to experience during your trip. An expert from our team will contact you back with a full itinerary and price for your complete vacation package. You can choose from an all-inclusive price or custom build your tour and choose the type of hotel, type of room and specific meal packages.

In addition to our work as a travel company we also work hard to ensure that conservation and the love of our planet is enforced throughout Costa Rica. We are active in many programs throughout the country including animal rescue, recycling as well as well as renewable energies. If you share our passion and are interested in a rewarding and fun vacation please take the next step and contact us direct by clicking the ‘Build a Tour’ link above in the top right hand corner.

We look forward to seeing you, your family or your group soon in Costa Rica. Until then continue to enjoy a simple pure life or as we like to say in Costa Rica “pura vida”.

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