Wildlife Volunteer Tours

VolunteerTours.com connects you to some of the most unique and exciting wildlife volunteer programs the country has to offer, from Costa Rica monkey tours to sea turtle sanctuaries. No matter your interests, knowledge, or level of adventure, we offer incredible options for all:

Rescue Center Costa Rica

For those looking to make a difference and help protect some of the most endangered species on the planet, Rescue Center Costa Rica gives you face-to-face and hands-on involvement in the rehabilitation of animals both physically and psychologically injured. A truly rewarding and life-altering program.

Osa Peninsula Turtle Sanctuary

Discover the mysterious Osa Peninsula where the mission to protect and conserve sea turtles and their habitats is first and foremost. This exclusive volunteer program puts you right on the sand of Costa Rica’s coastline, working alongside respected biologist and conservationist in an award-winning program that demonstrates the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

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