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August 14, 2018

Telling the truth: Busting the most common myths about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is magical – even for those who live here year-round. The country has such diverse offerings, in terms of sights and sensations, there’s no way to experience it all in one trip. It’s a land of mystery for sure, which can sometimes lead to misinformation about Costa Rica, its culture and infrastructure.

Well, it’s time to bust up those myths, and answer some of the question you may have before heading out on your Costa Rica volunteer tour:

Is it always raining?

Most tourist want to avoid the rainy season and book their trips to Costa Rica in the dry season: November to April. However, that stretch between May and mid-November is an incredible time to visit the country and really see these unique ecosystems explode with life. Yes, there are certain parts of the country that get a lot more rain than others, and it can seem like it never lets up.

But, for most of Costa Rica, the rainy season offers sudden showers broken up with brilliant sessions of sunshine, especially along the West Coast on the Pacific side.  This time of year not only offers the most lively time to experience Costa Rican wildlife but it’s also much cooler – since it’s technically our winter – so you avoid the scorching temperatures and humidity of the summer stages. It also makes for the perfect chance to experience our vast white-water rafting systems and visit the most breathtaking waterfalls you will ever see – all while riding through the jungle on horseback. You won’t even notice the rain.

Will I catch malaria?

It’s the jungle, so you are bound to run into a few creepy crawlies, including mosquitos. However, the CDC does not recommend a malaria shot before visiting Costa Rica, nor does it require immunizations or shots from those visiting from North America or Europe. There is no significant risk of catching malaria, dengue, or zika in the country, so visitors on volunteer tours should feel safe and secure when it comes to these diseases.

Now, there are mild recommendations that travelers get vaccinated for hepatitis A and typhoid, which are basic travel safety measures no matter where you visit. And, honestly, those risks are found more on the luxurious resorts than in the wilds of Costa Rica. With tours like ATV off-roading, ziplining, and surfing, there’s a good chance you’ll get wet and muddy – but not sick.

Am I sleeping in huts?

Oh c’mon! Really? OK, if you want to sleep in a hut or a tent – be our guest. You’ll be sure to really connect with nature that way. But when it comes to accommodations for our Costa Rica volunteer tours, you can find just about any setting that suits your needs: from modest bungalow to four-star resort hotels, with all the comforts of home.

Rates will vary depending on the season, but you can shack up at luxurious hotels, find quaint Costa Rican apartments and homes, as well as more modest hotel offerings. Our volunteer tours can work with every budget and find the perfect place to crash after a fulfilling day of adventure and excitement. Whether you’re on your own or traveling with a group, our accommodations are secure, serene, and approved by our hospitality staff.

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