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Get your blood pumping with these exciting Costa Rica tours

Costa Rica is known for its tranquil, post-card inspiring sights, like the vast rain forests or breathtaking coast lines. It’s the perfect spot to put up your feet and relax in some of nature’s most soothing surroundings.
But, what about for those thrill seekers looking to turn up the excitement while experiencing some of the most unique environments on the planet? Volunteer Tours has just the speed you’re looking for. If you want to get your heart pounding, check out these exhilarating options:

White water rafting

Costa Rica may be known for its beaches, but the lifeblood of its dense and robust rain forests is its vast river system, which just so happen to include some of the best white-water rafting you’ll ever experience.
Our guided rafting tours send you soaring down the crystal-clear Costa Rican rivers, tackling rapids of varying levels – challenging experienced rafters as well as welcoming first-time riders. These systems take you deep into the jungles of Costa Rica, allowing you to breathe in all the country has to offer. You’ll discover rarely-visited pools and rivers, see exotic plant and animal life, and feel the power of nature first hand.

Canopy Zip Lining

Zip lining has become a popular activity in and around most major cities, but Costa Rica takes that adventure to the next level. Fly through the tree tops of the rain forest and get a once in a lifetime view of these unique ecosystems, discovering the countless bird and animal life that live well above our heads.
Our zip lining tours are fully certified, meeting and exceeding all safety standards with a staff of experienced and professional guides, that will teach you the basic line techniques but also make sure you don’t miss out of the best views and encounters in Costa Rica.

ATV Tours

There are some trails too tough to tackle with just your hiking boots. Our unique ATV tours conquer some of the most challenging landscapes nature can throw at you, taking you into the rain forest to places common tourists could only dream about.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced gear head or jumping on an ATV for the first time. Our guides will instruct and lead the way, showing you an exciting and often times muddy way to see Costa Rica. Be prepared to get down and dirty, with this fun – and fast – tour that takes you well off the beaten path.

Surfing and snorkeling

Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world, and our Volunteer Tours bring you to the hidden-gem beaches along our fabled coast lines. Experienced surfers can discover new challenges and scenery unlike any other, and beginners will find that our friendly and experienced staff will have them riding the waves in no time.
When you’re done shredding the surface, go below the waves and discover endless schools of exotic fish and colorful coral reefs surging with sea life. Our snorkeling tours bring you face to face with a side of Costa Rica wildlife that is rarely seen. Certified local instructors guide you through these waters, teaching the basics, tips and tactics to navigate these rich oceans and discover a world hidden below the surface.

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