Adventure Tours

A trip to Costa Rica wouldn't be complete without some adventure. Fly through the jungle on one of our canopy tours, brave the whitewater rapids down one of our rivers or travel by horseback to visit our beautiful waterfalls. These are just some of the action-packed adventures waiting for you on your next Volunteer Tour.

Canopy Zip Line

Soar through the tree tops of the famed jungles and rain forests, gaining rare access to one of the country’s most unique ecosystems while giving you an unparalleled vantage point and breathtaking views of Costa Rica.


Go below the surface and see what Costa Rica is hiding under the waves. Experienced guides will show the secrets of these majestic coast lines and the incredible ocean life that populates the surrounding seas, including schools of tropical fish and our legendary sea turtles.

Cloud Forest Hanging Bridges

The Costa Rican Cloud Forests are among the most unique and mystical environments on the planet. High atop the rest of the country, these natural marvels possess their own diverse ecosystem and can be enjoyed via a system of swinging bridges that take you deep into the clouds.

White Water Rafting

Feel the power of nature as you rush down Costa Rica’s vast river system, riding multiple rapids of varying classes and discovering hidden pools and outlets along the way. Our extensive guided rafting tours are an exciting adventure for rafting enthusiasts and first-time riders.

Horseback Riding

Connect with Costa Rica on an entirely different level. Let our guides and experienced horses take you to places casual tourists can only dream of. There you’ll find some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty on our planet.


Feel the power of mother nature with the most amazing sprawling waterfalls of Costa Rica. The green jungle and the surrounding mountains will take you to a wonderful world like no other.

ATV tour

Rev up the engines and tackle the terrain in our exclusive ATV tours. Race through the jungle landscape and go deep into the rain forests, exploring parts of Costa Rica only available to the bold. Excitement and adventure are coming at you fast.

Surf Lessons

Tame Costa Rica’s coast line with our world-class surf experience. Veteran surfers guide you through the proper surfing mechanics and techniques while also showcasing the abundance of natural wonder above and below the surface. Come ride our fabled waves.

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